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Our Barber Services

Traditional Barber Haircut with Beard Trim - $40

Select your updated classic hairstyle, lay back, and let our expert barbers do the work. We promise that whether you’re looking for a basic trim or a whole new look, you’ll be more than happy when you look in the mirror.

Signature Men’s Haircut with Scissors - $35

Customized haircut, texturized with dry cut finish.

Traditional Barber Haircut - $28

Traditional Barber’s Haircut includes cut, style, hot lather straight razor around the ears and on the back of the neck with a hot towel.

Men's Blowout - $15

Customized styling.

Child's Haircut - $25

Line Up - $15

Detailing and cleaning of hair line.

Mustache and Beard Trim - $15

Traditional Shave - $40

The traditional Straight Razor Shave includes application of a steam towel to open up the pores and soften the hair follicle. Hot lather is applied and you will receive a first pass shave with the grain of the beard. A second application of hot lather follows, with second shave against the grain for a closer shave. A cool towel is applied to close the pores.

Barber Steam Facial - $15

Includes application of a steam towel to open up the pores, a facial wash, exfoliating scrub and a light facial massage.

Hot Lather Head Shave - $28

Traditional Buzz Cut - $20

One length all over done with clippers finished off with a razor shave on the back of neck.

Derma Planing - $45

If you want your skin to look as fresh as possible, check out our dermaplaning services. This painless technique uses a sharp blade to remove the top layers of dead skin from your face, resulting in beautiful smooth skin.